Welcome everyone to the 15th International Trichoderma & Gliocladium Workshop (TG2018) hosted by the biocontrol and plant pathology group of the Spanish-Portuguese Institute for Agricultural Research (CIALE) of the University of Salamanca. We are pleased to organize this workshop in Salamanca in 2018, just when its ancient university is celebrating the 800 anniversary. The road followed by the International Trichoderma & Gliocladium Workshop has been long and it is 35 years since George Papavizas organized the first TG1983 in Beltsville (USA). In subsequent years, with the tenacity and enthusiasm transmitted by Gary Harman to the Trichoderma & Gliocladium research community, there have been other workshops in the broad way all over the world to get here and now. We cannot forget  our predecessors that kept alive the flame of a common space for Trichoderma & Gliocladium scientific exchange in Salford (UK, TG1986), Ithaca (USA, TG1987), Belgirate (Italy, TG1991), Beltsville (USA, TG1995), Espoo (Finland, TG1999), Cancún (México, TG2002), Hangzhou (China, TG2004), Vienna (Austria, TG2006), San José (Costa Rica, TG2008), Haifa (Israel, TG2010), Lincoln (New Zealand, TG2012), Shanghai (China, TG2014) and Nagpur (India, TG2016). However, far beyond to be just a meeting place for students, professors, authors or reviewers, our main aim has always been to build areas for dialogue and increase our knowledge and understanding of these exciting fungi to which most of us have offered and continue to offer the best of our research lives.

 Salamanca was founded in the 4th century BC by the Celts and Romanized short after. It constituted an important link of communications of the Ruta de la Plata, the Roman “Road of the Silver” which crossed Spain from North to South, close to the Portuguese border. Salamanca is a “must see” city, with ancient university and buidings in similar coloured sandstone, a wonderful Plaza Mayor, a Roman Bridge and two cathedrals, the newest started its construction more than 500 years ago. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful city, its monuments and local cuisine, all times of day and night. 

We really hope you have a good time in this workshop and may effectivelly see the current high level of the Trichoderma & Gliocladium biology to which most of you have contributed, from the spores to the genomes, from the lab to the field, from the ubiquity and opportunism to the conversations in the environment. Finally, I want to acknowledge the keynote speakers, the chairpersons, the work of the scientific and organizing committees, and the delegates, mostly the young ones. Many thanks for the effort in preparation of your posters and oral presentations. 

We will do our best to make you feel like coming back.
Many thanks.

Enrique Monte
Chair of TG2018